How to Clean a Dishwasher

  If your dishwasher has been developing an unpleasant smell or if doesn’t seem to be cleaning as effectively any more, it might benefit from a clean of its own! Even though you may use it twice a day and think it gets cleaned in the process, it could be harbouring mould, mildew or grease from old food not rinsed completely, which means it won’t be cleaning your dishes as well or could even be making you ill.

  Firstly, take a look at the drain and pull out the removable component to check for any bits of food or broken glass. It will probably have a greasy film on it, so pull out a scrubbing brush like the Vileda recycled radial dish brush and use detergent together with some very hot water to scrub away all the grease. Replace it back in the dishwasher before you take our next step.

  Next, you can clean the empty dishwasher using its own cleaning cycle, with either a proprietary dishwasher cleaner or just plain white vinegar. Set the dishwasher to its hottest but shortest cycle, and either use the dishwasher cleaner according to its instructions or fill a small bowl or cup with vinegar and put it on the top basket, right side up. This will remove all stubborn grease and sanitise your dishwasher, while being safe to use in all types of dishwashers.
  Bleach or any bleach based solutions can damage stainless steel interiors and can also break down rubber door seals over time, so avoid this when cleaning your dishwasher.

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  The seal and bottom of the door will need a separate wipe over using a sponge like the Vileda Active Scourer sprayed with some vinegar to remove any food or grease, as these areas won’t get cleaned using the dishwasher cycle. Once you have finished, leave the door ajar until the dishwasher is completely dry. 

  Keeping the door slightly open is also a good tip to follow for every day dishwasher use, as a damp dishwasher combined with small amounts of food and soap residue can be a bacterial breeding ground. If you follow our tips on how to clean your dishwasher once a month, your dishwasher should not only clean your dishes better but also last you a lot longer before replacement. 3 Carpet and Rug Cleaning Tips for a Clean, Attractive Carpeted Floor

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