Bathroom specific cleaning tips for end of lease sanitising

Tenants usually panic, when removal disinfecting comes and they have to sterilise the entire living environment in order to get their tenancy deposits back. Sometimes, this panic and negative emotions become handicaps for success and smooth transition of the wiping procedure. Actually, there is nothing more important than saving composure and thinking sensibly. Other things – scrubbing, disinfecting and reducing the dust – are tasks, which could be actually overcome and done by anyone.
On the other hand, everyone needs support and some recommendations.Save for checking out the requirements in the inventory documents and follow them strictly in your moving out washing plan, you can also use our kind help. See some bathroom specific tips for the end of lease mopping now.
As you all know, bathroom demands some specially tailored approach into sanitising and eliminating the germs:

  • Toilet pan needs to be scrubbed and polished. Consider using natural products, because too much bleach or toxins may harm both – you and the healthy living environment in the tenement.
  • Check out the bathroom area for grout. You can deal with it by using the following homemade cleaning solution. Mix one cup of white vinegar, the juice of one lemon, five spoons ammonia, hot water and few drops essential oil to your taste. Before applying the cleanser, sweep and rinse the area.
  • To deal with the mildew stains, you can use the traditional disinfector hydrogen peroxide. Borax or some commercial product can do this cleaning job, too.
  • Descale the tiles by hand. When you finally achieve the desired result, rinse and disinfect with citrus juice or a mixture of essential oil and cold water. Remember the standard sanitising rule – clean with hot water and refresh with cold water!
  • When you sweep up the bathroom shelves and cabinets, don’t forget to remove the toothpaste stains and the remains of your hair and body cosmetic. Scrub and rinse. Repeat these actions twice and finish with wiping!

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