Windows that don’t need cleaning

Windows that do not need to be cleaned - it sounds like a dream come true? Can you imagine how much time and efforts can be saved? It seems almost too good to be true, even impossible. Well, it seems that it might be something that we can see in our lifetime after all.

  For the past years the companies that specialise in cleaning products have introduced to the market mainly improved formulas of the same old detergents.

  The truth is that we have seen a slow evolution in these products when all housewives around the world are actually looking for a revolution in this area - a concept, a product that will challenge the way domestic hygiene is maintained.

  Until now. Scientists have managed to develop a method that keeps windows and walls clean without you having to do anything. Read how it’s possible:

  Photocatalysts – these are the substances that will do the work for you. They are activated by light energy - when something organic comes into contact with them it is oxidised and turned into carbon dioxide and water.

  Initially the photocatalysts were integrated into paint - the idea was to keep the outside walls of buildings pure. Once this was done and it turned out to be a success (the effect of these products significantly reduced the cost and time needed for keeping the outside walls clean), the concept was further developed.

  The researchers now have managed to make these substances applicable to glass as well. They have even found a way to make the photocatalyst layer resistant to brush washing
  The latest version of the product, however, is still experimental - it is currently tested on the cars of the bullet train linking Tokyo to Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka. The train travels at average speed of 270 km/h and its windows are washed every other day which means that we will soon know for sure if we will be witnessing a real revolution in the industry of cleaning agents production.

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