How To Organize Your Wrapping Supplies

As everything else in life, winter holidays will come an end, too. We don’t want to spoil your mood beforehand. 
Though, we would like to give you some nice ideas for dealing with the enormous mess you will observe at home during the first days of the New 2014 year. 
See how to organise your wrapping supplies and have everything in order for the next holidays:
  • Get a paper towel holder and wrap the shining ribbons. You will store it and you will keep it from deformation. Another idea for this supply is to find a shower caddy to stack the ribbons.
  • If you want to have your ribbons at hand – in case a new holiday or occasion comes and you will need them – place them in a storage bin. Perforate little holes and stick the beginnings of the ribbons, so they can be got out easily and quickly. This is a brilliant idea for both – saving space and saving time!
  • Gift bags may be hanged on ordinary hanger in your wardrobe, while the individual sheets for wrapping presents may be clipped to a panel and hidden in the closet.
  • Find an old shoe organiser or a hanger for jeans and leggings and store everything – wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons and even Christmas decoration that might break if it is stuck in a narrow cabinet.
  • Get a rack, which can be stick to the door inside a cabinet or a wardrobe and order all the supplies for gift preparation – papers, stickers, scotch, scissors, ornaments for decoration and etc.
  • Free a corner in your basement or the closet and enrich your personal workshop for craftsman! Find colourful shoe boxes and store the wrapping supplies at once place. Add hangers and shelves in creative minimalistic design and make a wonderful area for your artistic home hobbies!
  • Get a divided shelf and store the accessories for making a present nicely. Add an old chest and hide the smallest items inside it!

If you want the regular domestic cleaning at home to be easier, you need to store your things more wisely! Use these ideas for all kinds of things to store, too!

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