Tips for Stress Free Spring Cleaning

Once the winter is gone and the Easter holidays become closer, the big spring purge becomes an agenda for your regular schedule. Your home definitely needs some refreshment and sanitising after the long-lasting winter that did not let any air to enter it, while washing and wiping were the last things you would like to do in the freezing coldness. 
  Though, the good weather is not the best motivation for cleaning, either. To reduce the reluctance, laziness and the chariness, we have gathered for you great tips for stress-free spring cleaning:

* Team tip. Involve the rest of your family in the process. Appoint a coffee (tea or smoke) pause per single hour and gather together to discuss if someone needs some extra assistance or more time for a particular chore.

* Clothing tip. Continue with the seasonal replacement of your wardrobe. Simply minimise the clutter by removing all the winter clothing, accessories and shoes – including the sports equipment and other similar big items. Before arranging the spring items, wipe, wash and dust the cabinets and shelves. Do the same thing with the rest of the furniture – in the kitchen, the living room and etc.

* Disinfection tip. The worst thing about the spring cleaning is definitely the bathroom disinfection. If you think the time will not be enough, book professional service for this chore. Otherwise, use a mixture of bleach (hydrogen peroxide) and cool water and cleanse all the ceramic, chrome and marble areas. Finish with rubbing and rinsing the toilet seat with ordinary coca-cola.

* Concentration tip. Once you feel exhausted, sit and relax. Do not remain long, but continue with the next hard duties once you get more energy and motivation. Go on with the window wiping and or proceed with the patio. There is lots of garbage outside, your house and your garden need some attention, too! Stay focused for the important things!

* Planning tip. Spring is a good time for big repairs, construction projects and renovations at home. Since you have started the arrangement of your better home look, consider future improvements, while you are conducting your spring cleaning. Write them down as top goals for your domestic life and remind of them in a week or two.

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  1. Good tips. Involving every family member in the cleaning process might be helpful to lighten the workload. Thanks for the post.