Get familiar with the golden rules of renovation

Applauses for all that guys and families, who still care for their home look and overall functionality! But before starting realising your next constructive DIY plan or managing your upcoming redecorating project, calm down for a while and see what we are planning to help you with. Get familiar with the golden rules of renovation:
  • It is all about the good plan. You have been told that plans are made to fail, but it does not refer to serious and big house renovations. 
  • Have a little bit patience. You may have picked up something in your mind quickly, but you need to act slowly and carefully if you want it to happen and to look the same way. 
  • Determine the hard and easy tasks. Appoint them as you want, but we recommend you to start with the hardest. 
  • Be aware of your limits. We mean both – your physical and your financial limits. Also, make sure the time you have will be enough to realise the project, so it will not be necessary to sleep in the garage for half a year. 
  • Do everything with personal style. Copying is easy, but you do not leave like the celebrity, which you saw in her awesome house you want to posses and imitate, right? She has maids and you have only 2 hours per evening to cook, clean and talk to the kids.
  • Look in the future. Consider the time you will spend in this property and think if it is actually needed to isolate it, if you go to live abroad in 2 years. Do you have kids? Because this white minimalistic living room conception is not very appropriate for their love for mischief.
  • Use professional assistance. If you are good with ideas, hire building teams, but if you suffer from lack of imagination, consultants in interior designs will help you. 
  • Settle a realistic budget. Of course, home and family are everything, but money cannot cover all your dreams. Stick to reality.

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