Simple cleaning solution for vomit on carpets

  There is no need to explain that bathroom or at least a wash basin is the place you should vomit. However, accidents, hang-over and problems with children’s health happen. Vomit usually appears on the upholstery or on the carpet. Of course, calling the local cleaning firm is a great idea. 
  The contemporary upholstery or carpet sanitising service consists of all kinds of disinfecting actions – including vomit stains. Financial issues or lack of time, though, may become an obstacle for you to hire specialists in home refreshment and bacteria destruction. 
No need to worry, because we offer you a simple carpet sterilising solution for vomit on carpets. You can actually use it for upholstery disinfection, as well. Read the procedure and be prepared for accidents like this one:

Use some kitchen utensil to remove as much of the vomit as possible. If your carpet is delicate or 100% natural, sharp objects are not recommended – especially knives. To make your cleaning procedure save, better take a spoon and scrub the nasty vomit. Of course, this is not the most pleasant activity in the world. So, you can cover your mouth with a mask, if the smell really disgusts you.

If you have club soda by hand, pour some of it on the carpet and wait for a minute. Other alternative to reduce the remains of the vomit on your carpet is to apply some cold water and to add half teaspoon ammonia. Wait for the baking soda to react, too.

Then, blot the carpet vomit stain with a clean cloth. Don’t press too hard and scrub gently with the spoon again, if you need to. Replace the cloth with another one, when it becomes wet. Repeat the procedure till the humidity is out of your carpet or till you finish with your cloths at home!

Finish with a specially tailored detergent. You can use pet stain removal or a product, which consists of enzymes. Natural solutions can work, too.

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