Money-saving tips

Money never seems to be enough. As Freddie Mercury once said: “I'm hopeless with money; I simply spend what I've got.”

 This seems to be true for a lot of people. Yet there are ways to cut down on your spending and save a little for rainy days. 
Check them out:
  • Bringing your lunch from home - if you sit down and calculate how much money you spend each day for lunch, and then do the math for a month and then for the entire year, you will find out that it’s really a small fortune. This of course is no reason to skip the lunch. But you can save quite a lot if you bring something from home. This is also a great way to improve your eating habits- bringing food from home will save you the temptations of junk food.
  • Home made recipes for cleaning products - all these recipes are not just budget-friendly but also for eco-friendly cleaning. Of course not all products have homemade substitutes but you will be surprised how effective some of these solutions can be.
  • Vintage clothing - some celebrities spend tons of money for vintage clothes. You don’t have to do that in order to look stylish. Just go through your wardrobe, the one of your mother or even your grandmother- you never know what you will come across. Some great pieces from decades ago look very modern and need just a little, or sometimes no refreshing at all.
  • Food - a lot of people tend to buy food that they don’t cook and eat afterwards. Fresh vegetables and fruit need to be eaten within a few days of the purchase so don’t buy more that you know you can eat- you will end up throwing it away. If you have in you home cans of beans or jars of strawberry jam expiration date from a year ago, than you need to reconsider how you do your shopping. A simple solution is to plan what you will be eating one week in advance and buy only the items that you will need. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you can’t change your plans - you will only avoid buying things that you have no intention of cooking any time soon.

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