Energy-efficient home improvements

Perhaps, you dream of a home, which hugs you with all its warmth and comfort, when you go in, during the cold days. Often the comfort and heat ends with the electricity bills, and on the other hand your lodging is not always as warm as you expected. 
Luckily, for the average user of electricity and heat, there are already methods by which to improve your home in a way that would significantly reduce the electricity bills.

Here are some of the most pressing, yet easily accessible ways for energy efficiency in your home:

  • The benefits of implementing energy saving measures are extremely numerous and varied. Among them are reducing heat loss through the building shell and heat storage in the home; financial savings (at least 30-50%); long-term energy savings; predictability and control of monthly heating costs.
  • Energy efficiency projects may include the following: Energy-efficient windows and glass; Additional glazing of balconies and loggias; Insulation of walls, floors, roofs – it’s not suitable for individual apartments in multi-storey residential buildings; Heaters, stoves and biomass boilers; Solar collectors for hot water; Gas boilers, water heaters and systems; Cooling and heating systems, heat pumps; Photovoltaic systems; Stations and building installations; Gasification systems (applicable for houses); Recuperative ventilation systems.
  • Ecology and environment: You should not neglect the purely aesthetic improvement of the appearance of the buildings and the efficient use of fuel and reduced levels of carbon emissions in their burning.
  • It turns out that the investment in such projects is not nearly as high as most people suggest. Investments are repaid each month, with significantly decrease energy bills. The best news for every household is that they can borrow from banks with very low interest rates. Governments of many countries support such energy saving initiatives. Banks, in return, compete to lend to people for energy saving projects. Borrowers must use approved equipment and materials to be able to receive the grant. The strategy for efficient and secure energy consists of requirements for protection of the environment. It’s a fundamental prerequisite for the realization of the overall objectives for significant and sustainable economic growth and better living standards.

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