Electric car maintenance – tips

Electric cars have become extremely popular across the entire globe these days.
It is not only UK, where people prefer to buy an electric than an ordinary car, which is harmless for both – the environment and the family budget. Saving the planet is also saving your financial state from constant visitations to the gas station.
In brief, having an electric car is really awesome! And this is not the next statement coming straight from the popular eco movement. It is actually true!

Green lifestyle is not only recommended. It should be the only way to live and exist. Eco-friendly one off cleaning procedures at home, organic food picked up so diligently in the supermarket, why not electric cars too! So, if you are considering taking an electric car, get informed about its maintenance in advance. As a matter of fact, the easy and simple maintenance of an electric car is another cool feature it comes with. 
Though, check out some common tips for car electric maintenance:

  1. Attention – although, the motor and all the car parts of the electric cars aren’t so complex the way the motors of an ordinary car, maintenance is demanded. As you know everything requires support and prophylaxis, doesn’t it? Take your house, for example. Don’t you do all of these annoying household chores from your domestic regular cleaning schedule just to have your home always cozy and fresh! It is definitely not because you are housekeeping lover!
  2. Monitoring the battery – some periodical checks are important. After all the battery is the main power of the electric car. Do the battery examinations once in a month or twice per a quarter. If you think you may accidently forget it, conduct the task with some other task! Seasonal sanitising or one off cleaning, for instance, may be as an alarm that you have to monitor the battery – the connections must be tight and the terminals should be cleared from corrosion.
  3. Brushes Lifespan – the brushes of the motor must be also periodically replaced and refreshed with new ones. Though, do it, when you cover the distance of about 80,000 miles.
  4. Check your brakes – check them in about 20, 000 miles and replace them in about 40, 000 miles. All vehicles need such a support. So does the electric car.
  5. Suspension Maintenance – do it in case you don’t want your electric car to shut down, while you are on a long-lasting drive or on the way to your vacation, for example!

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