10 reasons not to throw the coffee grounds

The easiest and the most logical thing to do with the coffee grounds, is, of course, to throw them in the trash. Most of you probably do this. But only few of you may realize the great and beneficial side of the coffee grounds. Are you already interested? Does it sound to you quite eco-friendly (because it is a part of recycling job, after all) or ideal for some savings?

Read the top 10 reasons not to throw the coffee grounds:

- Bad odour removal – people do whatever it takes to get rid of the nasty smell in kitchen and bathroom. However, even the most expensive aromatherapy deodorizer can do the same wonders as the coffee grounds. Just let them on a toilet paper and let them absorb the nasty smell from the air.

- Give some life for your plants – natural and really effective, the coffee grounds are super for dunging and keeping your green decoration at home fresh and blossoming!

- Shining and healthy fur for your pet – first of all, the coffee ground makes the hairs of the pet glossy and second of all, it chases away the fleas.

- Beauty products – use the coffee grounds to make facial and body skin glow and cleansed enough. Coffee is considered as one of the main active ingredient in exfoliating products and cosmetic products, which fights the cellulite.

- Regular domestic cleaning – coffee grounds may become part of your natural home sanitizing equipment. Use it to disinfect and unclog the pipes or scrub any surfaces or kitchen utilities with it! The effect will astonish you!

- Say “Goodbye” to smelly shoes! Wipe the inside parts with the coffee grounds and feel the pleasure of having luxury, stylish and fragrant shoes!

- Deal with the nasty ants at home! Why using some commercial chemical product, when you can fight the insects with few cups of coffee?

- Hide the damages from wood – use the coffee grounds to cover the scratches on your table, chairs or cabinets from wood! Plus – the deep brown nuance will enrich and refresh the surface.

- Dye the Easter eggs. Ok, Christmas is soon and Easter holiday isn’t very adequate as an example, but keep this thought for the next spring.

- Cut down the air-borne dust in the fireplace! Split some coffee ground after sanitising the fireplace and see the results!

Amazing, isn’t it? Maybe that is why coffee is known as the drink we usually say “I need it!” about!

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  1. I never though about using coffee grounds for house cleaning and other every day use! I personally would be afraid that I could stain something with the coffee grounds or not use them properly. I think I will stick with the company that I've hired for house cleaning in Henderson, NV.