How to wash the tobacco smoke polyps from your carpet?

If you are a passionate smoker and love smoking at home, you perfectly know the tobacco polyp effect in your carpet.

Here are some tips, which can help you to remove the smoke polyps:

If you are able to wash carpets in laundry room, laundry with washing powder is also an excellent option. For stronger effect, mix the detergent with baking soda. It has a mighty disincentive and anti-smelling effect. To make sure that carpet is washed well, you can repeat the process. The carpet should dry in 24 hours.

After you wash your carpets and they shine with cleanliness, it’s time to store them in that way. To avoid absorbing of bad smells, you can use pale powder. Attention! Powder is suitable only for light carpets. It will absorb all the grease polyps and odours. Vacuum cleaner will take the dirty dust and the carpet will remain fresh. After hoovering you can repeat the procedure with sprinkling of the pale powder.

For additional fresh smell, sprinkle on the carpet 3-4 drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil. It has a long-lasting fragrance and neutralises the smell of tobacco smoke.

Smoking at home causes smoke polyps in carpets, that’s inevitable. The best way to remove them is via professional steam carpet cleaning. This method is specially designed for the treatment of mild to moderately polluted areas. It is suitable for all type floors and carpets, where chemicals are not required. Cleaned sectors must be allowed to dry. Professional steam carpet cleaners are great idea for large and heavy carpets, which are difficult to be moved. These machines have a mighty steam pressure and retrieve all polyps and dirt. The only condition for their use is to run a vacuum cleaner before. Actually, leave everything to your local professional cleaning company. This way, you’ll get wonderful final results.

If you are too busy or unsure how to wash your carpets, calling a professional cleaning company is the best option for you. Specialists will handle with the task in no time.

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