Sterilise your laptop as a pro

Laptops are definitely too delicate and fine, when it comes to maintenance or cleaning operations. Most of consumers, in general, prefer to use professional services for some sanitising and refreshment. Physical laptop cleaning, though, is very essential. Just because it is very tiny and delicate, it needs some delicate treatment and support, too. In fact, you can easily handle a DIY project and disinfect your laptop at home! Check out our tips and directs – learn how to sterilise your laptop as a pro:
  • Arm yourself with the appropriate cleaning equipment in the beginning. You will need some specially tailored screen cleanser (or wet towels), mild soap, bowl, compressed air, isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs.
  • Turn off the laptop and then remove the batter from the back side. These are the most essential security steps for safe sanitising!
  • Then remove everything peripheral from your laptop – CDs, mouse, USBs, cables, external storage gadgets and etc. Let them aside and wipe them with a wet towel in the end. The dirtiest parts may be scrubbed with alcohol, too!
  • If you are more experienced, you can remove the keyboard and start refreshing with the swabs and alcohol. Otherwise, you can just direct the compressed air and the dusting will be also done perfectly!
  • The manual box of the laptop may be gently rubbed with a towel and soapy liquid. For some more sophisticated laptop disinfection, do the same procedure with each of the buttons from the laptop keyboard.
  • Find the spray bottle you use for window cleaning or some refreshment in domestic cleaning and disinfect the ports in the laptop! Use either mild dishwashing soap, or isopropyl alcohol mixture again!
  • Let the laptop to dry for at least three hours. If you are not sure whether it is dry already, give it some more time. Then, start picking up the parts!
In case you wonder when to do the laptop sterilising, we recommend you to include it in your seasonal sanitising!

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