Make your pets happy - easy tricks to keep their food bowl clean

As an owner of a beautiful Persian cat I can tell from the first person point of view that having a pet is so wonderful, as responsible. It’s absolutely true that having a pet in your home makes your life brighter, full of more affection and fun. And believe me, the rumour that cats are less affectionate than other pets, is totally wrong. They are lovable in case you spend enough time to look after them properly and keep them safe and happy. If you think it is enough to feed them – you are totally wrong again.

There are a lot of useful and interesting literature and online sources of how to provide adequate care to your pets - how to feed them, how to take care of their health, vaccinations and so on. But concentrating on these important issues most of the pet owners forget the simple everyday steps they must follow in order to make their pet happy and safe. You are wondering what exactly I mean? Look at your cat’s or dog’s food bowl – when did you clean it for the last time? Not just put it under the running water but clean it effectively to remove all the germs and bacteria that can make your furry friend sick. Think of your pet’s food bowl as one of your dirty dishes- you clean them every time you have had a meal, do you?

Pay attention on the fact that according to NSF International your pet’s food container is one of the dirtiest spots in your home. Learn more:
  • If you hire professional maids to do the cleaning of your home, you can always depend on them to clean the bowl. If not, here are some really useful tricks how to remove hard food from your pet’s bowl.
  • Best option for a food bowl is to buy stainless steel or porcelain - others are best breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes.
  • To clean the bowl perfectly - run it in the hottest cycle of the dishwasher.
  • If you do not have a dishwasher, clean the bowl after every single meal with hot water and soap - soak for 10 minutes and then scrub intensively to remove the food residues.
  • Try the magic solution - combine equal parts of baking soda, warm water and salt. You will be really amazed by the final result of scrubbing the bowl with this mixture.
  • Do not forget to clean the food residue on the carpet around the bowl - the best solution is to use professional carpet treatment if the food leftovers have formed persistent stains.
As you see, it is really easy to keep your pet’s bowl clean and sanitised – the cleaning takes only 10 minutes a day but your furry friend will be happy and healthy for years.

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