Improve the atmosphere in your messy bedroom

Like more than once was said, such place to rest after meeting the craziness of the world can only be the bedroom (or the bathroom for some people). Usually bedroom is the place with most storage space and the place we hide everything we can’t fit anywhere else and we turn it from retreat to cluttered hell. How to reverse the process and make it comfy and peaceful nest for us and our partner?
  • Start with organisation. From closet to dresser tops, there are ways to keep them organised and clean. Poles and shelves are not enough anymore. There are all kind of things that can help you manage your storage spaces better – special hangers, vacuum bags for the things you don’t use for a season or without a special occasion (like ski vacation – clothes are big and the vacuum can make them to one third of their volume). And don’t stress too much for throwing away the college sneakers or those pants you hate.
  • Clear your chi. Chinese believe that broken items bring bad energy. Probably you have kept a lot of things that “may be needed” or you plan to repair in some moment in the far future. If you have replaced them with new ones, dispose the broken. Probably you won’t find time later, so get rid of it or give it for repair (jewels, for example, worth repairing). It will let the energy flow more easily and clearly and there will be fewer things to bother for during domestic cleaning.
  • Items on display. If you are cosmetics or jewelry fan, dedicate one top of a dresser for your passion. Put jewelry trees or statue that you can hang on necklaces or bracelets. Jewelry or cosmetics’ box will also look nice, there is a great diversity in size, designs and forms and you will be able to find everything you need easily.
  • More than one purpose. If your bedroom is small (or even if it’s not) use furniture with storage space (chest as bench; upholstered stools with removable top; etc.). This way you can use them during end of tenancy cleaning and the following move out to carry your belongings.
  • For finishing touch. Use curtains and match them with one or more of the pillows on the bed. You don’t need to use the same fabric for everything in the room. Also find a place for a candle, lamp or lantern for softer lighting for special moments.

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