How to ensure the return of your deposit in full?

No matter how great the negotiations with your potential landlord go and no matter how great person he is, you can never avoid some negative thing from rental life – the tenancy deposit. Due to eventual future damages or lack of cleaning before moving out, this amount of money is the only guarantee a property owner can have. So, you as tenants cannot be angry about this condition, but you can do some simple things to get your guarantees to return your money. See how to ensure the return of your deposit in full:
  • Try to remember the very first primary condition of the property. You need to keep it the same – clean, fresh, ordered and nice for living!
  • If you have a pet, reduce the hairs and the dirtiness during your living. Do not leave the final thorough cleaning for the end, but always keep a decent hygienic level of the property.
  • Don’t be ashamed to use professional cleaning services once in a while. They will help you preserve an average and convenient domestic space. Once you call them and see their wonderful job, you can always imitate their style of sanitising by your own!
  • Steam carpet cleaning is the only chance you have to restore the rugs. This procedure is highly recommended if you have small kids or the rugs are quite bright or light to be maintained fresh with regular cleansing solutions.
  • Minimise the fingerprints on glass and mirror surfaces. They are too visible to be hidden and sometimes even the final cleansing of the rental place goes ok, these footprints will “steal” your deposit.
  • If you make damage, you are obliged to repair it. Repeat this rule to yourself and start taking responsibilities for your careless or destructive acts.
  • Expert tenancy cleaning before moving out is a must. Follow the instructions in the tenancy agreement or get some requirements directly from your landlord.
  • Ask for help. One single person cannot deal with the whole disinfection and washing job. Always – during your rental life and in the end of it, claim for help from your family and from friends, too!

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