What the most common football Mondial 2014 stains were?

Mondial 2014 may be already a stunning unforgettable memory, but there are signs it was lately and they are yet in your home! Even though England had a huge failure on the World Football Championship this time, the English football fans did not disappoint anyone by all means. They watched all the games – till the final – and they have made large mess at home. The last thing, though, is a sign that only English housekeepers have noticed, but these messes are definitely as big as the emotions were. Check on the most common football Mondial 2014 stains and see how to solve them:

  • Fatty food stains on clothes. Any degreaser from the store will make great job on your spouse’s fan football T-shirt. Though, if you do not have such at hand, you can try with this formula: mix three tablespoons of white vinegar, one tablespoon baking soda, a little bit of your dish washing soap, if it is mild, and lukewarm water (about 300 ml). Place the liquid in a spray bottle and start spraying. Once you see the grease is gone, put the T-shirt back to the washing machine and spin it around!
  • Carpet stains. These spots are numerous, but you can use the previous formula for getting rid of the fatty sausage spots. Also, the football fans at your house might have consumed some lovely burgers with tomato sauce. You can simply remove the stains with borax, ammonia and white vinegar. Attention – if the stain does not go out, use steam carpet cleaning services!
  • Beer on the upholstery. We are 100% sure that you have at least one beer stain on your brand new sofa or on your favourite armchair at home. Well, the guys must have had lovely time together, but it is your job now to cover the evidences. The best way to eliminate an upholstery beer stain is by rubbing it with distilled alcohol. Once the zone dries, brush it with a nail brush!
  • Sweat stains. They could be all over your house, because the Mondial 2014 was really emotional. You can eliminate these stains by using enzyme presoak product. Usually, universal cleansing products for general home cleaning are kind of them, so you can apply them, too!
The football championship is gone and now the stains made because of it can be gone, too!

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