Eliminate the traces after an exciting movie night

Movie nights can be really funny! Whether it is raining dogs and cats, or you just don’t feel like entertaining at the outdoors, inviting friends at home for some Hollywood-styled marathon has been always an outstanding idea. Besides, this is the only opportunity you have to receive more guests with tiny budget, as well as to include the kids, too! Even though a movie night sounds really amazing, there are weak points of having such, too – and they are the stains and the mess afterwards. By knowing some really efficient steps in tidying up quickly, as well as fast and green tricks for stain removal, you can deal with the whole mess! See how to eliminate the traces after an exciting movie night:
  • First of all, clear all the traces from the floor and the table. Once you empty the house, you will see how to proceed. Examine as you go and in case you see some really bad stain, don’t forget to remove it later!
  • Speaking of spots, you will need to know something very important – there are dirty stains that must be eliminated immediately. For instance, if you served barbeque, salads with sauces, fatty food or wine, and their spots are quite dangerous and lately, you may not be able to deal with them.
  • In case someone of your friends were too emotional during the movie night and spoilt your natural, delicate or hand-knotted rug, improvising isn’t the best idea. Rely on professional dry carpet cleaning service and have your rug refreshed at once and without even sweating!
  • Wipe the table and then continue with the upholstery. For bad spots on the sofa, use only rubber alcohol. Test if the textile can bare it in advance by applying few drops alcohol on the back side.
  • Sweep the floor and examine the area once again. To be completely sure that the living room, where movie nights are usually made, prepare a liquid universal domestic cleaning remedy from orange juice, white vinegar and dish washing soap. Spray around and then wipe away!
  • Finally, air the room!

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