Gas stove - yes or no?

Searching for the perfect stove can be tricky. There are so many options – on electricity or gas; with electrical, gas or ceramic rangers; with different options for the oven and so on. Electrical are the “oldest” option of the contemporary kitchens but gas ones are proving to have some benefits that are worth considering. What are they and what you should be aware of if you need to buy a new or replace your old stove?
  • Cooking with a flame is something that the electrical stoves can’t give you. Gas stoves allow you to visually regulate the level of the flame and there is no hesitation if it’s on or off – you just see it.
  • Better heating of the pots and pans which comes from the flames that surround the bottom and the walls and give equal heating to all parts. This makes cooking easier and quicker and who doesn’t love it?
  • Price is worth thinking. Not only for the initial purchase, but also for the maintenance and the supply. If your home already has connection to gas system, the gas stove is the perfect choice because it is cheaper to operate. As pure price gas stoves are more expensive than the electric and if you need to set gas installation, the price goes too high.
  • Bomb. This is general drawback when it comes to gas. Not that it is unsafe but there are misfortunes sometimes. If your burner lags to turn on or it remains open but unlit, gas will be released in the air. Also if you use sprays during your domestic cleaning around the stove and the burner is on if the product you use contains alcohol or spirit, it can catch fire if you put it too close or direct the steam in the direction of the flames.
  • Independence from the electrical network. Even if there is no electricity you can still use your stove, just you will have to light it manually. That is big advantage if you live in remote place or there are power outages frequently.
  • Maintenance. In general gas stove isn’t something very special when it comes to cleaning. Problem can occur with the burners top – they have grid to put the pots and pans on and if they don’t fit right they can slip which will cause leaks of meal and stains that may require help from expert carpet cleaners.

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