Test your courage with this home, hanging from the cliffs

Australians have always had that extraordinary taste for adventures! But this last home design by the firm Modscape has really crossed the borders… literally! It’s not about the design itself, it’s about the location that they want for their house. It’s not just seaside cliff view; it’s rather hanging from the cliff, absolutely literally. And not on platforms or something like this, it’s just placed like barnacle on boat side. But here are some more interesting facts about this challenging home.
  • The outlook. This is probably the house with the ultimate ocean view – three of the four walls face the ocean and the fourth is the one attached to the cliffs. As there are no neighbors, the walls are fully made by glass. It consists of straight panels that give the home a look of truncated pyramid without a peak, turned upside down.
  • Rooms. The idea of the designers is to create four-story house with car port on the top and elevator and staircase in the center of the construction that will allow movement between the different levels. Other walls inside the house itself will be an obstacle to the view. Every floor will have two separate areas, giving the home three bedrooms, living area, dining room combined with kitchen, one and a half bathrooms, barbeque area and spa on the lowest level and garage on the highest. One extra challenge would be hiring specialists, providing tenancy cleaning services. Will they be as brave as you to take care of your home? Washing windows would probably be quite an adventure for anybody that isn’t professional climber.
  • Constructing process. Challenging design makes the usual techniques useless. People from Modscape have decided to use five modules that will be attached to the cliffs with engineered steel pins. 
  • Interior. The interior design also has been centered on the view. It will be minimalistic, with a lot of open spaces and colours accenting on the ocean – mostly white and black. With such a palette the expert carpet treatment is a must if you want to keep the house in its original condition. The advantage is that the pollution from outside will be probably next to nothing.

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