Make your living room bright and welcoming, no matter that winter's coming

Long summer days spent outside are already gone and we’re on the verge of the winter season when we usually sit at home. Cold weather has its advantages and most people love cold weather, especially if it’s snowing outside and we’re under the blanket, well-rested on the couch. Well, you need to do some changes with your living room too, so that you feel the real spirit of the season. The good news is that Autumn is the right moment to get prepared.
I have cherry-picked a couple of ideas how to decorate your living room for the upcoming season and bring more energy and smile on your face in defiance of cold weather. Check out the hottest trends for this season!
  • Start with some regular domestic cleaning. Clean the dust from your furniture, and let some fresh, minty air inside your living room. Try to achieve an atmosphere, that predisposes to pleasant emotions.
  • Bring the light in your living room. Light some candle with cinnamon aroma or if you have a real fireplace, don’t wait, but take a glass of red wine and make yourself comfortable near the fireside!
  • Bring some colours to your home. Add some cozy decorations such as pillows, bright woolen blanket on your armchair or fancy rug. Use rich colours, they are mood boosters and very attractive as well.
  • Wash your carpet or rely on the local carpet cleaning specialists! There is no need to explain why, right?!
  • Use different fabrics. Accessorise your sofa with cushions made of different materials. Don’t hesitate to combine materials that you usually don’t put together. Wool, cotton or silk: no rules applied, the brighter, the better!
  • Take out your favorite curtains. They add more style and coziness to your room and on top of that they really keep it warm inside.
  • Bet on the classics. Top designers advise to accent on one or two elements, for example the fireplace or the rug. The accessories you use should have a classy and luxurious feel about it.

Feel free to improvise with your living room. Don’t be afraid to be bold and crazy when choosing the decorations for your room. If the weather outside is gloomy, make your home look shiny and bring some cheerfulness in!

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