Secure the chimney

Whether you have a modern wood stove or a retro fireplace at home, the chimney supports it and makes it work properly. This means the maintenance of the chimney is very important for providing the warmth at home. However, some of the security advices for the chimneys are recommended for you to prevent fires and damages at home. See how to secure the chimney:
  • The chimney must be, at first, installed properly. If this is done absolutely right and according to the standards or the guides of a contemporary chimney, you may feel safer that an accident will never happen!
  • Cleaning the chimney often is also important. You do your regular domestic cleaning at home, right? Well, the way you wash the dishes or wipe the windows on a daily or weekly business, you will have to sanitize the chimney at least twice a year. Experts say that before and after the winter heating season, chimney cleaning is mandatory!
  • In case you are total dummy in chimney work and maintenance, there is nothing wrong to book professional cleaning services. Such reservations are not available only for the familiar end of tenancy cleaning process or for standard spring refreshment. There are people, who may disinfect your chimney and even inspect it for potential risk!
  • Detect your chimney work! In case you observe or hear something that is not normal – strange noise or unseen big amount of smoke – check if everything is alright!
  • For heating, you should better use unseasoned wood. Even though that many people are sure that this type of wood takes a long time to dry and produce solid, this is not exactly the truth! You can lose few minutes in waiting for the heat to come, but you will save bigger troubles and even a fire!
  • Keep in mind that fires start in the chimney. This means that the first risking minutes may be not observed by you or someone from your family! Always be prepared and never miss the chimney check before exploitation!
Invest in a new chimney or spend as much money as you need to restore an old one! Security is not a joke and playing with fire is not a real game to entertain yourself!

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