What’s wrong with your dusting?

Dust is one of the main reasons why we clean at all. It covers our furniture, goes into the upholstery and worst of all – helps development of dangerous bacteria. Everybody think they know how to dust but is it really so? Here is the list of the most common mistakes people do while they are trying to get rid of the dust around their homes:

  • Feathers. They don’t dust actually and cleaning with them looks good only in a film from the fifties. Indeed they just disperse the dust from over the furniture in the air and a couple of minutes after dusting it’s back again. If you haven’t found the “magic powers” of microfiber tissues, now is the moment to try it out.
  • Vacuum filters. Their regular changing is mandatory. If it’s clogged with dirt it may not collect the dust properly and also it may spew it back.
  • Dry dusting – no. It just doesn’t work. Water or liquid in the pad that you are dusting with helps the particles to get stuck in the fibers. Also some materials, if not moisturised, are pretty rough and can scratch instead of clean your surfaces. If you want to do it right, even during thorough end of tenancy cleaning, use detergents or water to dust the place.
  • Vents?! Many people forget that their homes have ventilation system that is excellent place for dust storing. They are usually covered or hidden and we forget that their regular cleaning is as important as the bathroom washing. Not only they accommodate bacteria but also can be source of a lot of dirt, so clean them often.
  • Spray directly. It’s mistake. “Spray detergent or polish on the cloth you are working with, not on the furniture’s surface”, all house cleaners will advise you that. Spraying on the furniture makes the distribution of the detergent harder and creates layers that catch even more dust, especially on wood.
Dusting may seem easy but what you think now?! Do you do it right? Use this “no-s” to enhance your technique and to mend what you are doing wrong.

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