The divorce is harder for whom: women or men?

There is no doubt, that divorce is a tough period both for men and for women. Actually, it’s very hard to define a level of sadness. The truth is that each partner experiences the failure of the marriage differently. Maybe it will be fair to claim that each gender has various challenges after the break up and they have to rebuild their lives. In fact, children are the main sufferers, but it’s much better to be a child of divorced parents, than being a witness of scandals, right? Check out the following aspects of divorce and their influence on men and women:
  • Economical aspect - women still make less money than men, it’s a pity, but real. So, in case of divorce, the woman will have more financial difficulties (we speak for the common case). Therefore, the court judges financial support for children. Usually, this amount of money is quite insufficient, but that’s the sad truth.
  • Emotional aspect - here, both genders suffer. We have to mention that some women consider their success in life founded on their role of being a housewife and mother. Meanwhile most men often determine their prosperity, based on their work life and career growth. Here, the conclusion is the following: when a marriage falls apart, it will affect women harder. Women are not only willing to accuse themselves for the divorce, but they also bother that the society, the family and the children will blame them as well. Men will have some future difficulties in maintaining the household and in learning who are the reliable dry carpet cleaning providers, but it’s not a big deal.
  • Domestic violence - usually women are victims of domestic violence and this is a frequent reason for divorce. Unfortunately these cases of home violence constantly increase their number. This way, women become more fearful of leaving the family. The apprehension of force makes it very hard for women to rule the trip of divorce. In these situations, urgent end of rental cleaning is strongly recommended and the couple must separate and continue their lives apart.
So, let’s be realistic and conclude that marriage is not a joke. It’s for people who really love each other and who are prepared to respect each other and to follow some strict rules. Divorce is very painful both for the couple and the kids.

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