Top 5 men gadgets

It is well known fact that men like to play. Since their very birth the are interested in toys and games. As they grow, so do the things they play with – toys tend to become more technical and sophisticated or gadgets (as we call them). Men in general are crazy about gadgets that make their everyday life easier and more fun than before. Let's take a look at the most popular gadgets that men crave for:
  • Remote control automobiles. Men are simply big kids. They will crave for a car play all their lives. Whether they will send all their money on buying their dream car or just a mini remote control version – they are car freaks. A man is willing to spend most of his income on upgrading the interior of his car for example, instead of paying for the maids’ services that he needs.
  • Star wars franchise. There is no man on Earth that is not a fan of Star Wars' characters. Be Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2D2 or the Jedis – costumes, swords, beards and any other product with the Star Wars on it is simple the biggest hit.
  • Spy gadgets such as secret tools in a keychain, spy camera watch and many other turn men's fantasy of the MI6 super agent 007 into reality. It is an often seen scene - a man who pretends to be the big spy, while the woman is just doing carpet sanitising – segregation of sexes.
  • Smartphone gadgets – this is actually relevant to females as well as males. We are all mad about our phone and long for more and more gadgets that make one differ from the other.
  • The Self stirring mug, or its equally popular neverending beer glass. The must have of every man. No explanation will be needed as to why these items enter the list.

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