How to avoid negative thoughts at work?

Perhaps everybody has such bad days when negative thoughts conquer your mind and you just don’t know how to deal with them. Whether you have a hard task to finish, or you are overloaded with work, or you had a family scandal in the morning - no matter. The result is pretty clear - your mind is overtaken by negative images. Read the lines below and cope with the problem:
  • The ability to communicate well with your colleagues is a prerequisite for the work to go well. In work and in personal life you constantly talk to yourself through your inner voice in our mind.
  • In order to be able to precisely adjust the conversation with you, firstly you have to define what your spontaneous thoughts are. Can they help you cope or not with the real situation. Start by paying attention what you think of when you arrive at work. Is it positive or negative image? Your inefficient end of tenancy cleaning is not important now, right? For example, when you see your desk, do you consider "Today I could not do anything"? And is this statement true? You may simply exaggerate as a result of some vague fear.
  • Spontaneous thoughts often fall into categories, called mental traps. This irrational beliefs may deviate you from the realistic view of the world around you. You set your own traps. Avoid thoughts that begin with the phrase "I should do". So you motivate yourself, and when you fail you feel guilty. Ask your maids - how do they deal with negativism? Perhaps they will share some interesting hack, who knows?!
  • Other thoughts of that kind are "One mistake and I will fail". Things are not always black and white. Also avoid hasty conclusions like "Our team is restructured. I'm sure I will get fired. " Remember that your images and beliefs construct your own reality. It’s up to you to deal with what is in your head.
Mastering these thoughts will help you focus on the positives of work. Good luck!

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