Avoid these frequent mistakes and spend unforgettable St. Valentine's day!

One or more of the following have been done by the ever caring gentlemen without even knowing that they might hurt the object of their affection. Recognising some of them ? Better not.

  • One of the most common mistakes of men is to buy a bunch of non red roses. Whether the red ones has been finished or they would deliberately chosen not to buy them, they always end up with their yellow substitute. In this case the result is strange look from their girlfriend as that flower screams – platonic relationship.
  • Men do not put the same meaning into things as women do. For example, their idea of a suitable gift may be a perfume, handmade soap or shampoo, which will hurt the female self esteem more than ever – so guys back away from this!
  • Promises for a perfect diner in a classy restaurant or just hoping for a free table to two. There is nothing less sexy than not being prepared for a romantic evening. Guys hope for the best but do not prepare for the worst. Just like booking a one off cleaning service - do your homework (the research and the telephone calls) in advance.
  • Making sure to send at least a card or a flower when you have already talked about “no gifts on V-day”. Women say things just like that and change their opinion more frequently than the carpet cleaners. So one advice guys – when she says “No gifts”, this does not mean nothing at all.
  • The gift must always be delivered or given before the eleventh hour. Anticipation for such may result in not a “happy ending” of the night. Make sure that you prove your love as early as possible, but not at 5am!!!
Women in general are complex human beings and never understood by men. Yet, there are rules and keys to their hearts. Elude the upper mentioned landmines on V-days and you will be cherished for a life time.

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