Appropriate carpet material for each home premise

Carpeting purchases are the most traditional additions we make at home. This is affordable and funny way to bring some new air into the house atmosphere without making so big changes, renovations or constructive building. Though, a good choice is always better than buying chaotically. For this purpose, we want to meet you with the most appropriate carpet material for each home premise. As to the patterns and styles – this is all about your personal choice and preferences, so feel free to improvise and adjust a gorgeous house arrangement according to your own tastes:
  • Woolen carpets. They are soft, cozy, green and warm! What else would you like from a home carpet? Though, it is not very suitable for high traffic areas, so better install such an item in the formal living room or in the bedroom.
  • Nylon carpets. On the other side, nylon carpets are super recommended for the high traffic areas. The most traditional choice for people is to bring it in the corridor or even in the kitchen, where grease and dirtiness are in a large amount. Even though, the nylon carpets are durable, still do not forget to include their maintenance in your regular house cleaning checklist!
  • Olefin carpets are very common for guest rooms. They are attractive and stylish, which makes them an awesome way to redecorate, too. You will not make a mistake if you install an olefin rug in the screened porch. The atmosphere here will become very romantic and snug.
  • Polyester carpets are appropriate for entertainment rooms and the dining rooms, because they are harsh enough to bear the heavy furniture. With such a rug, carpet sanitising is not a problem for you!
  • Acrylic carpets are famous for their fast drying, so if you are a original bathroom lover, get one for this room!
  • Hand-knotted carpets made of different natural materials are difficult to be preserved in a perfect condition. You can, though, place such a rug in your home office, where the traffic is not such high.
The traditional carpet durableness lasts averagely 10 years if you cleanse and vacuum it regularly. So, when you buy a new rug, consider the fact that it will stay here for longer.

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